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Default Re: Maybe I'm Wrong....

Basically the problem is that vendors don't want to carry anything unless it already has a big market which means that no one wants to be first to offer anything because they know that most hookah types are perfectly content with super sugary/fake tasting stuff.

When I look at the brands that Chark du Tobac carries and see how little hassle it is to order from them or from Prince I am really amazed that no vendor is willing to offer something that a hundred other mail order shops carry.

As to jurak it seems like a ton of places should carry it since it's far and a way the most popular thing to smoke after tombac in KSA, Turkey, Iran & India and the stuff is very cheap. When I look at the Ahmad jurak site and I see all the wonderful stuff they carry and note how much generic, boring crap is selling for $10 per 250g I am simply amazed at how llow the standards are of so many.

As to narghiles well the truth is that a lot of firm were based on making products for local markets and since they can't afford to buy machine tools and foundry equipment build quality suffers when production raises dramtically to meet foriegn demand.

At this point the only narghile I am particularly iterested in are the very heavy, simple drawn brass rigs which seemly are not exported by anyone.
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