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Default Re: Talk facts about the illegalization of Fruit Tobacco & Chat

Basically the bill grants the FDA power to regulate any tobacco product they deem flavoured in any fashion they want short of outright banning. Although it was written with cigarettes in mind the vague language combined with the nature of governmental regulation means that all forms of tobacco will be regulated.

What regulation means in practical terms for us is higher costs for moassel as marketing, labeling and inspection protocols kick in. It also means higher costs since compliance with Byzantine regulations requires lots of office labour and paper work as well as ever higher insurance costs. Plenty of products far less controversial then tobacco have been driven from the American market as a result of regulation then most of us (me inclueded) will ever know. My experience with the FDA makes me think that the priamry goal of that organization is to put food and drug producers out of business that are smaller then a typical forture 50 copmany. I could tell you horror stories that you wouldn't believe.

Bottom line this bill will prove to be a diaster.
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