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Default Re: Is this really true?

Originally Posted by sheikh View Post
Why you trying to convince them ... each to their own... more stock for the rest of us... who dares to try this weird site out though lol?! I'm so tempted... is patel online he'll probably order 5000 tonnes of berry...
LOL maybe good prices but the boxes seem fake to me

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
ok this forum has some hate against al fakher and love to nakhla..
maybe that is because nakhla is better tobacco? maybe?
or maybe its just plain psychology.. but if u want to talk fair about AF. this it not the forum to try it .. cus sometimes people bash something for other reasons .. theres where the psychology comes in..

some flavours of AF are really god , some not.. just the same way with nakhla to starbuzz.. but I do belivie all brands have their weak and storng sides.. but its all about the teqnic u use.. and I think its veeery rare to really find a so called "bad batch" then u might think form reading here..
+1 i love the mint, vanila, grape berry and a few other flavours, every brand has its good and bad flavours

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
Al fakher was one of the most popular shishas on here. Then it wasn't. It wasn't a lie or a trick or an illusion that made it this way; their product went to shit. End of story.
I was here when it was highly rated, but recently it isn't but they have been plenty of "bad batches" and i order a lot but only get about 1 in 10 that are bad

Originally Posted by Cnphoto View Post
fake tobbaco. i posted a warning about that site 5 months ago
Yep the boxes seem fake to me but then some seem real, personally wouldnt take the risk, the 250 gram seem fake but the kilos seem legit
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