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Default Re: Nicotine intake in milligrams

Originally Posted by mo0 View Post
Hey all. Just out of curiosity i wanted to know, exactly how much nicotine does a shisha smoker intake in one bowl of tobacco.
Say for example:
Al-Fakher = 0.05% of nictone.
Bowl containing 25g of tobacco = 0.0125g = 12.5mg.
How much of this is filtered? and how much does a shisha smoker intake?

Comparing it to cigarette:
1 cigarette = about 10mg of nicotine
a smoker intakes about 1-2mg of nicotine per cigarette ( the nicotine which actually reaches their lungs)
Frankly the percentage of tobacco is greatly misleading and far from accurate. You are assuming that the percentage is in some way measured. I can't really help out with the amount that actually enters our blood stream. It varies pretty drastically from brand to brand and often between flavors as well. The washing process that some brands use does not remove an exact amount of nicotine and the initial levels in the plant vary based on what type of tobacco it is and the growing conditions. Even the weather can affect nicotine production.

That's not even getting into different smoking styles...
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