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Default My 1st Hookah!

Hey all, this thread is a little late, my hookah actually came in 2 weeks ago.
I ordered it from Hookah John, its a KM Maashal. I also ordered a Tangiers small Phunnel bowl, with some social smoke foil, CH QL coals, and Tangiers Lucid Kashmir Cherry.

Yeah pic is kind of low quality, uploaded it from my blackberry pearl I dont have a digital camera

I smoked it a few times already, its great such a step up in quality from the hookahs bar hookahs. As far as craftsmanship the KM is a little tarnished, and the vase is a little wonky (lopsided bottom and some graphical flaws in the gold lines) but other than that it smokes great. Kashmir cherry dosent really appeal to me however. I think I will try Horchata next.
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