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Default Re: some hookah pics to share

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
KillerB I'm opening a fruit stand for you
Don the flavor wasn't that good I don't think it made a differance. Just a novelty.
I went to hookah store and it was depressing. They had nice myas but we have those too. They had a lot of really cheap egyptians, terrible quality. I asked if they had km's and the guy put one in my hand and said this is a km. I just shook my head. I baought a 48 piece box of ccn's, yes 48 piece, for just over $3 so that was good. The house I'm in has another coconut coal called kanara that were rolled sticks the thickness of a pen. They're ok. I am supposed to go to a really good market though in the coming days so ill keep you posted.
Great to hear that the vacation is going well. That hookalope is just hilarious.

too bad to hear about the poor selection. but what can you expect when you work so hard to make sure the store you run is of such a high caliber?
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