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Default Re: New Pyrex Vortex Bowl

Originally Posted by Royal2000H View Post
nice... I wonder if pyrex actually resists heat as they say...
anyone know?
pyrex (brand name for borosillica glass) is very durable (if worked properly). it has rather high strength and resists thermal shock well however it is still glass and as such cannot be as strong in real life as it can be in theory due to all the microscopic cracks/scratches that happen during manufacture (if these did not happen glass would be basically impossible to break ever)

Originally Posted by brazilrocker25 View Post
Pyrex is the glass they make beakers and stuff for chemistry labs with, it takes up to 1500 and it also has even heat spreading, so your shisha burns simultaneously from the top and the bottom
as to the heat spreading that is debatable, glass has a pretty bad conductive properties (you can have 2000* glass in one spot and 500* glass just an inch or 2 away and room temp glass less than 6 inches from the hot spot. granted thin glass will transfer heat alright but ceramics are better at evening out the heat from what i have seen.

its cool and all but i dont think a glass bowl is a great idea, they are 2-5 times the cost of normal, not really stronger than ceramic, wont take thermal shock as well, and over all dont smoke any better if not worse.

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