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Default Re: Hi I Am Completely New To Hookah (Could Some One Give Me Some Advice?)

Originally Posted by HookahMaster
And one more thing, I'm not sure if you know this, but most shihsa brands out there have 0%tar and 0.5% nicotene (out of a 250g jar). That's barely anything at all, and I've always been the type to think that hookah smoke is cleaner and healthier than cigarette smoke. I've drawn my conclusions from basic common sense as well as observations. Take a look at this intereting thread an old member of ours made here not too long ago. It clearly shows some of the benefits of smoking hookah vs. cigarettes.

Not one hundred percent sure, but I think most shisha brands have 0.05% nicotine and only unwashed brands like nakhla have .5%...

It's just 1 decimal place, but it's 10 times the argument for shisha!
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