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Marco Poko
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Default Got my Hookah today!

Had a nice home welcoming today. Two boxes, 1 big, 1 small.
From H-S:
33'' MYA Paragon 2-hose with a Nammor hose (red velvet cover) to go along with it. Surprised that in the MYA case there were 2 hose connectors, so now I could turn it into a 3 hose with the extra 2 MYA hoses. Got a free MYA Acrylic and a few Romman 50 g (D Apple & Good Times). Coco Nara coals, Starbuzz (Blue Mist, Sweet Melon).

From Sahara:
Vortex Bowl, 12? HH shots, extra grommets, Got a free 4-head bowl.

I'll post a vid of my first experience later, but I think I did alright for my first time. Vortex vs Mya bowl = vortex FTW. Purge is so-so. Smoked with 1 stem off, will try out the whole thing later.

Here are a few pics
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