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Milk alone bubbles up too much. If those bubbles get in your hose then not only are you looking at rust issues, but your looking at mold, bacteria growth, horrid smell. The best idea for putting stuff in the base is to smell it. The smell that comes off of the liquid is what its gonna add to the taste. Milk, it just smells like milk. It wont make your smoke taste "creamy" or anything. The only thing it would do is give off the slightest taste, of the smell of milk, and the pull would feel different from the viscosity of the milk. Personally, i have found the best results from adding tea and/or extracts to the base. Tea is very aromatic and could give a nice floral taste to the smoke depending on the kind used. Extracts also have a strong aroma, a few drops of this in the base will change the flavor. I once added a few too many drops of mint extract into the base, and i had grape in the bowl. This resulted in a session that tasted like peppermint candy. No grape whatsoever, so be careful, extracts can overpower it.
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