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Default Re: KM or MZ for first hookah

Originally Posted by austinthecity
I've smoked a bit from friends' pipes as well as a few cafes. It's about that time when I take the step and buy my own. After doing a bit of research, I've decided that I want an Egyptian for my first and have narrowed it down to either a KM or MZ.

Please give me some input as I value all of your opinions.

Things to consider:
quality (obviously)
ease of assembly/disassembly
life (how long it will last me)

Thx in advance!
glad to see a thread with some thought put into it beforehand! if i were you id go with a stargate from

quality - its made out of some pretty heavy duty materials. and the base is well protected and made of acrylic rather than easily breakable glass.

cleaning - the stargate is VERY easy to clean because of the disassembly. just some hot water and a long brush for the stem and youre all ready to go.

ease of assembly/disassembly - heres a pic to show you, its 32 inches, disassembled it doesnt take up any space. everything is just twist off.

strength - it hits really good! the design is simple so getting a good smoke is easy.

sturdiness - its pretty heavy, and remember, no glass base, its acrylic instead. really hard to tip this thing over unlike other hookahs that wobble and shake during the rough times.

looks - look at it, pretty sleek, all the metal is polished. looks nothing like the other hookahs!

lifespan - keep it clean and take care of it and it shold last you a long time.
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