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Default mix these flavors for epic win and lulz

After smoking Nak for a week it was time to dig deep into my stash of hidden treasures under my bed. Mind you guys, chicks seem to dig the smell of exotic fruit aromas in a man's room. Anywho lol, I raked up some Hookah-Hookah. To my disappointment, it was all I really had after dropping some money on a new pipe. Now... I knew this girl wouldn't be down for some birthdaysex without getting relaxed first from a good ol hookah smoke with tehSteve.

Quickly I mixed a 50/50 in a small phunnel bowl (not side by side, but mixed well together) and I proceeded to make one of the most beautiful smokes you can treat a woman to. It consisted of HH Irish Cream and HH PinaColada. So I fired up the hookah Mya QT and mentioned to this beautiful individual that I named it after her. She was quite pleased and insisted that we begin smoking.

After popping on 3 naras on the edges, we began smoking. We both got instant pleasure and it lasted for about 40 minutes. Honestly, I think this is probably the best hookah-hookah smoke I ever had and encourage you all to sample it.
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