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Default Date on shisha boxes

Was wondering if anyone who speaks and reads Arabic can help with a problem. All it would take is to have a permanent thread for shisha with no Roman numeral date Ya'ani , Hindu-Arabic numbers. Including the month . That way anyone with no Roman date will know what he saw at a local market, or forfend from a company is Harum (to smoke).All the shisha I buy is sold in lots of local stores and except Nakhla the main brand here (from Egypt) we get about 10 various and fine Jordanian brands. A few years back I was in a grocery store, a tiny cubbyhole near my home. I asked if he had Nakhla and he said no, but he had a 10-pack of something. Pulled it out of the bottom of some old newspapers. Grape flavoured from Jordan which he sold to me all ten for around $2.50 -10 shekels for 400 grams. Didn't expect it to be fresh and it wasn't by about 5 years. I tried to mix stuff but it all turned the good to bad, even with corn syrup and glycerin and good shisha.
(I won't mention the company name to be fair, it was old).Last week I found the biggest store in Jerusalem which is a 40 minute bus ride from us.Since I bought a lot he gave me free (guess what?) 400 grams in a 10 pack of the same company in apple. He also gave me another free ten pack of "Ibn Al Balad" which is like a finer cut of Zaghloul and has some glycerine which is terrific. I checked the date on "that company brand" since I only saw Hindu-Arabic numerals. Then I saw hiding the Roman date 4/99 validity 2 years from date. It has no flavour but its wet. The packages of Ibn Al-Balad which in Arabic is "Son of the Nation" or Palestinian people is great and I'm going to call him in Rama'allah right away. But the date is too much for me-I saw so many numerals and finally thought it must be the phone number!
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