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Default New to the Hookah world

hey guys

i just joined this forum a few minutes ago. i just recently started smokin hookah about 5 months ago. and only a few times a month with my neighbor, really love the vibe and buzz that goes with so i bought a hookah set a few minutes ago..not a very big one, if you wanna see what i bought heres a link

i also ordered a tub? of al fakher apple tobacco.. i dont know how many grams because it wasnt listed.. but i got it for 10 bucks extra so im thinking its a 250G? was this a good buy ? im used to starbuzz cuz that what my neighbor buys but i dont have a big enough wallet for that so i got this stuff. did i make a good choice ?

anyways i just thought id introduce myself to the community, iv already read some posts and you guys seem pretty chill, heres to some chill times with chill friends



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