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Default Ibn Al-Balad shisha of Palestine

A new store hookah store, the biggest now in all Jerusalem, in the town center and not far from the "Old City" (where the faithful of 3 beliefs go on Pilgrimage) is a great store with a very large ammount of hookahs and shisha. Its not America cuz we have Nakhla from Egypt and around 10 Jordanian brands but very cheap. I bought a lot of great shsiha and the worker gave me two ten packs 400.00 grams each for free.
One brand is new to me and mightbe out of business. "Ibn Al -Balad" which is often the name of streets all over the Middle East means "Son of the Nation" .The Palestinian national anthym is "Biladi,Biladi My county my country". The company selling it is "Coral International" of Rama'alah which is right next door to Jerusalem, a large town and serves today as the capitol of "The Palestinian Authority" which unlike Gaza which is Hamas, the whole West Bank is majority Fatakh (Fatah).Ya'asir Arafat was the former leader there.
I called the company number but it is discontinued, so I called the Palestine phone company for the number and he gave me a number further north in Nablus (Schem) I know it well. Josef son of Ya"akov is buried there.
About the shisha which I think is old but terrific stuff! The flavour they had was similar to Nakhla Zagloul which I love, but cut very fine, lots of glycerin and I think honey too. It has a nice Bahareni taste to it also.
Well I called Nablus and it was a cellphone in Arabic announcement logically to leave my detailsand phone number so I hope to hear they make more flavours and maybe buy straight from the company.
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