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Default Re: mix these flavors for epic win and lulz

Originally Posted by opticalshadow View Post
ive had hookah move a girl from no to yes, after a bit of research to find out why it was an effective tool as it turns out nicotine is a afrodesaic(american is my first language not english) of sorts. amoung the other things this substance can do (as it hits almost all corners) the buzz you get from it (especially with hookahs as it yeild a larger buzz then cigs) it can calm moods stress away from a person and arouse them. so guys, take this with whatever moral compass you have, but scientiifly this may help your chances, however it wont improve your game as if you yourself are to buzzed while the moment will feel better to both people (}Again this is all on average some people are adversly effected by nicatine and as fuch the buzz isnt good) it may go faster as you may become to relaxed to control yourself as normally and certian mucles may give out faster.
lol what? There's no such language as "American", it's English lol.
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