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Unhappy Problem with AL FAKHER!!! :(

Hey everyone....this is my first post so hopefully this is the right section to discuss the kind of problem Im having.

First of ALL I Love Al Fakher!!! I have been smoking Al Fakher "GRAPE" for a long time but yesterday, for the first time I had a really bad experience with the new pack I just bought. It smells really bad!!! As soon as I put the coal I can smell the weird smell which I cant really explain. I took the first drag and it tasted really bad. I thought maybe its the hookah (even though its the new Khalil Mamoon) I tried 3 different hookahs but still no difference. I left it outside on a piece of foil paper for 8-10 hours to acclimate it but still nothing changed. IT SMELLS AND TASTE VERY VERY BAD! It never happened before and this is my fav. flavor and I dont wanna lose it......!!!

Any suggestions?!?! Is there anyway I can fix it?!?!
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