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Default Re: Leather Hoses Reconsidered

What prompted me to reconsider leather hoses was walking into a Ghelyoon cafe in Babol and having all the locals jaws hit the floor when they saw me take out an AF "healthy hose" out of my brief case (I never travel without a a few) and being ask "why would you use such a thing". Well, since my experiences with non-washable hoses of any type has been negative I really stopped to consider that I was using leather hoses the wrong way. So I listened to the locals explain to me that leather absorbs nicotine and adds flavour to the jurak they were smoking and "being in Rome" I decided to give it a try and sure enough it was better then a disposable or washable hose.

Now the thing thing is that I am not sure how practical leather hoses are for us in the West so I don't see my way of smoking changing much. What do I mean by that exactly? Well I suppose am like almost everyone here in that I smoke a pretty big range stuff (anything from Fantasia triple apple to tombac) and so using leather would require that have something like 100 hoses to label and organize. Honestly I don't see myself spending several thousand on hoses anytime soon. Also, while the KM hoses are nice I think the more traditional styles are more appealing and more functional which is a pity since I can't even buy them here. bottom line, I guess i'm stuck with my namours, AF safe hoses and the cheap washable deals that makes.

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