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Default Re: "Natural" way to polish copper

Originally Posted by Zeggi View Post
are you sure about the salt? if the lemon juice makes the salt crystals to blend in with the fluid i get your advice, if not then im affraid the salt might scratch the metal/copper..
salt has a mohs hardness of about 2.5 and copper (penny) is 3.5 (granted the fact that the copper is so thin might make it weaker). so there is no way that salt can scratch copper

Originally Posted by esteban View Post
I have some brasso in the house, anyone used that?
its good stuff, just like a lot of other polishes, if you need to get into cracks and crevices dont use it though use "Never Dull" comes in a blue can and its like cotton with polish on it, doesnt let the polish build up in the small places you cant get it out... but if your just cleaning a flat piece dont wast your money on it since it is more expensive.

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