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Default Narkhla Orange vs. JM's Tangerine.

I bought both from WH last week. The JM's Tangerine was so intense. The entire box smelled like it was full of ripe tangerines.

I opened the can & it seriously stuck around my house all day, just by opening the can. Good smelling stuff.
Smoked it later that night & it was a trip. My mouth tasted like it was bursting with tangerine flavors that could only be described as 'orgasmic'.

I then opened up my Narkhla (Yeah there is a K... Get over it) Orange & it smelled fairly decent, didn't think it would smoke that well. But I tried it.

My God. I didn't think they made a good orange flavor ( after trying Nakhla Tangerine) . It was immense. Very similar to JM's Tangerine & 4-5 bucks less a box.

Both of these were on my Tangiers Small Phunnel, which I got while I was in San Diego a couple days ago from Eric... Much better than the vortex.

Just curious on your opinions of the comparison?
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