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Default Re: Narkhla Orange vs. JM's Tangerine.

Originally Posted by MichaelMassacre View Post
I bought both from WH last week. The JM's Tangerine was so intense. The entire box smelled like it was full of ripe tangerines.

I opened the can & it seriously stuck around my house all day, just by opening the can. Good smelling stuff.
Smoked it later that night & it was a trip. My mouth tasted like it was bursting with tangerine flavors that could only be described as 'orgasmic'.

I then opened up my Narkhla (Yeah there is a K... Get over it) Orange & it smelled fairly decent, didn't think it would smoke that well. But I tried it.

My God. I didn't think they made a good orange flavor ( after trying Nakhla Tangerine) . It was immense. Very similar to JM's Tangerine & 4-5 bucks less a box.

Both of these were on my Tangiers Small Phunnel, which I got while I was in San Diego a couple days ago from Eric... Much better than the vortex.

Just curious on your opinions of the comparison?
I was fairly unimpressed with JM Tangerine. It was good, but not better than other good citrus flavors. It isnt too expensive but still more expensive than nakhla mandarin and HH orange which I like equally if not better.
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