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Default med or small phunnel?

sincde john is away and my order is on hold i have a bit longer to add to my already hefty bill, a new bowl is one of those things i was concidering.

i already have a standered clay Egyptian and a clay vortex that i beilive to be a large, and now i want a phunnel, nay, now i need a phunnel.

the only thing i dont smoke with as many people as i did when i bought the vortex so i know i dont need a large, so for one to two people, three max, what would you guys recommend for a size, med or small.

my current most common brand of shisha is AF however my next order will have SB and if i get some more money i am going to also try JM,Lucid and Nak.
as a second part of the question does anyone have siggesions as an over all flavor for those tabaccos, i read the reviews which is how i decided my SB flavors but im curious what your opinions would be for an all around liked flavor for each of the above listed.
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