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Originally Posted by Dakins View Post
Have you ever experienced sudden hunger while smoking hookah?

I was just relaxing, watching Prison Break and smoking Tangiers Lucid ILTOBC. Mid-session, I got a terrible hunger. I was craving stuff I wouldn't normally eat at 8pm on a week day. Bagels with philly cream cheese suddenly became my object of desire and I just knew I had to engulf them, down to the very last. And delicious they were.
Yes, I seem to get hungry shortly after starting a bowl, really annoying, especially if it's bad enough that I HAVE to set the hookah aside and make something to eat. Trying to eat just before sitting down with the hookah to avoid that now. Don't know if it makes any difference, but I smoke herbal shisha.

Maybe it's because shisha so often smells like dessert that we get suddenly hungry!
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