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Default Re: some hookah pics to share

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No luck finding the SN today and I drove 2 hours each way. I have 1 last hope for next week. Anyways, I have been enjoying the local places though, the orange bowl hookahs were $6 and great and the melon bases were $20 and a waste of smoke. I think all the local places, local to me that is, have the same quality and priced hookahs.
On another note, I parked in a "farmers" spot last night. I didn't know it was his "spot" he parked a small tractor behind my car. I moved it by hand and he came after me with a 3x3 bat. He was at least 75 years old and made of rock. We had some heavy words and circled. I didn't want to hit him but I wasn't going to get hit either. I got in a defensive position and made him chase me around til he got tired. Then my mother in law got involved, cursed him to hell, made him put the bat down, this woman would take a bullet for me, and some local came and broke it up, all this before my morning coffee. Ill never forget this story.
hah! .. that sounds like almost every day when i go to work ... always someone who think's a certain spot in the lot is theirs to take .. (doesn't help that they work for a local army recruiting office) .. so i have found my car blocked in quite a few times ...
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