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Default Re: Input between a few potential hookah purchases

They are all great selections you got they, i think theys reviews on the 1st and 4th link you gave, photolinger done them i believe

The AF gonna have a slightly tighter draw compared to the other 3 egytians, but all are solid hookahs and if look aftered well will ast a very long time

The welds on the MZ and AF are gonna be better then the KM, but i dont know bout the temsah

All will produce great taste and smoke if set up right.

If i had to pick one which is very close it would be between the temsah and AF, but out of the 2 i would go for the AF

If you like the slighter tighter draw go for the AF defintly, but out of the 4 its all bout the looks and what you like the look of better
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