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Originally Posted by esisomsun View Post
i have a 32'' horaz and i love her! she's really lite and easy to clean. if i buy another hookah, im sure it'll be another MZ

ive smoked KMs before and i couldnt tell the difference
pulls just the same, easy to purge if u need to purge

only problem w/ MZ is bc they are lite, they ding easily
ive dropp'd my stem from 3ft to tile and it only dent'd the stem, didnt change the smoke or pull
There are some stems by MZ that aren't as light as most other models. One of these models is the Perpetual river, which in my opinion is the best of the line and should be the only one anyone should buy. Dunkel has one and has used it for a couple years now if I'm not mistaken. I smoked from one last night, and I checked out the stem. The stem is heavier than normal MZ stems, and it has a different finish.. much shinier, not that dull-shiny on most MZ stems. Like most MZ's the welds were very clean.

KM's and MZ's are very different in many regards, but the main difference is definitely the weight and the thickness of the stem. The stem on KM's doesn't have the light, hollow sounding "ping" like an MZ, it has a dull "clang". It feels much sturdier and the finish is much more refined. They also use brass in some of their models.
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