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Default Re: How do you pack your bowl?

I'm weird - I stir mine up, then drop it into the bowl loosely, but then I overpack my bowls (amount domes just slightly over the top). Add foil, poke holes then blow thru the bottom (makes sure I didn't pack it putting on the foil & pushes the foil off the top of the tobacco).

My new KM bowl, I underpack but that's becasue the monster uses 50g packed like I normally do and that's just a waste. One day soon I think I may have to invest in a SMALL phunnel or Super Chief... if I can ever find a true SMALL one.

PS: the reason for overpacking is length of session and heat control. I use 1 coal + windcover, plus overpack and can get 1.5-2 hours on almost anything (But freaking SB!!!!!)
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