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Default Re: Does smoking with alcohol in the base show up on alcohol tests?

Originally Posted by Koapono23 View Post
One of my friends said she smoked with everclear in the vase and it "effs you up." So she came over the other day with some Jager (all the liquor store had in small quantity) and it...

1. tasted like shit
2. didnt affect the buzz much
Untrue. It is illegal for anyone under 21 to consume alcohol in any way regardless of how minuscule. The shop owner may have not been aware but if somebody wanted to bust him then they easily could. There are entire bars based around the concept of alcohol vapor. Now one could argue that there is not enough alcohol in the vapor from the hookah to actually get a buzz but if you can taste it then there is enough to be considered consumption and thus is illegal.

It's a gray area but the truth is that any consumption regardless of the method is illegal for someone under 21 years of age in the states.
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