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Default Harsh/burnt taste

Please help me! I recently bought a hookah and we've smoked it about 10 times alredy. The first 5 times were using apple Nakhla tobacco and some randome coal. It was pretty good.
And now i bought 3 Kings coal, and changed the tobacco to strawberry Nakhla tobacco. Every time we use 3 Kings and srawberry tobacco it starts very good. It tastes perfect, even better than apple, but after 5-10 minutes it starts to taste very harsh or burned. After 15 minutes i opened the bowl and looked at the tobacco - it was severly burned!

My bowl is pretty small, that's why i use only one coal. I use regular aluminium foil, used for packing food and stuff. Do you think i should use 2 layers of regular foil? How does the tobacco burn faster - if it's wet or if it's dry? I make alot of small holes, all over the foil - should i use a special pattern or something?
How can i solve my problem? Please help me
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