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Default Re: Harsh/burnt taste

Hey thanks for the reply
The thing is, we used to add a little tobacco, not that much because I don't have that much money, so we were saving with the tobacco. So we put the tobacco in the bowl until it was about 1/4 inch below the top of the bowl AND then we PUSHED it down. The tobacco was pretty tight but we still managed to get averago, if not more, amount of smoke, and the flavour was good and it lasted at least half an hour.
But then, i read that you can get more smoke and more flavour if you lightly sprinkle the tobacco. We used the same amount of tobacco and sprinkled it and it was almost even with the top of the bowl. We didn't push it down or anything, so we just put the foil over. It was good for about 5-10 minutes, but then it got really harsh. When i removed the foil, the tobacco was burnt and it was sticking on the foil. When I tried to get it off, we just ripped the foil.
I'm guessing the level of tobacco was to high and it was probably touching the foil, thats why it burned so quickly.

Do yout think that's the problem?
I also read that Nakhla tobacco smokes better if it's packed down and not just sprinkled. Should I just pack it down?
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