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Default Re: Help with some JM's?

I have: tangerine, coconut, butterscotch cappucino , and tomorrow I get chocolate, kahula, honey rum and something else Ive forgot..
The ones I have tried I can say
BUtterscotch tases really good, intresting, funny.. its a great flavour.. Very intresting flavour and tobacco of JM is very high quailty and nice..
Tangerione is also very good quality and all but imo flavour is booring.. I mean orange.. tangerine.. Been there done that so many times before.. I want new funny more complex smokes.. not just a pure tangerine..
But to you rookies that havnt smokedf for like 4 years, you will really enjoy tangeirne..
or we all will but as I said.. my opinion.. its too unexiting flavour..

Coconut.. I have only tried like a half session.. It waas working good.. much betetr then I would think coconut would taste like.. But I havent givent his one enough tries to bee honest about scoring.. The same goes for cappucino..

but JM.. Yes yes YES to JM.. great shisha this is!
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