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Default newbie help

ok guys so i just got my first hookah today. its a 16 inch starbuzz bulet style single hose. i have al fakher two apple 250 gram tub and the smallest quick lite charcoals youv ever seen.. probably about the same circumference of a dime....iv smoked hookah before.. usually on the weekend with my neighbor. he has a 14 inch single hose with a different style base.

so i started out filling the base with milk and ice about half way.( on my friends if you fill it more than half you end up sucking milk instead of smoke) poked holes in the foil. put 4 dime size charcoals on top, lit em, and started a session...

i noticed right away that the smoke wasnt smooth at all and it was a little thin and harsh.. i also noticed i wasnt hearing the bubbling sound that i hear in my buddies hookah when you inhale.. so i filled the base up to the brim... nothing changed, no bubbling sound, still harsh smoke, still insubstantial smoke...

what am i doing wrong? im a supreme newbie and i have no clue what i could be doing better please help me out

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