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thanks guys...iv only ever smoked hookah with quicklites.. i usually like em because i dont really wanna cook the non quicklights and wait ...thats just me being lazy i guess... the first time i tried hookah the hookah master put two quicklights on top of each other and it was the smoothest hookah session iv had to date.. but that guy moved and my neighbor i smoke with now has decent session prep skills but its not the same... better than mine but hey im just trying to say im not against quicklight coals.

i think i know why it was harsh smoke.. the foil was touching the baccy and burned it severly... also im not sure what all the terms are... for example is the grommet the metal dealio adjacent to the hose inlet thats made of metal? do i need to loosen that at all.. i cant come up for a reason why it exists because youd figure that if its supposed to be airtight so no air gets in wouldnt thet just make the hookah without making an extra hole to begin with..

basically... im not hookah educated and i have a feeling this first 250 tub will be sacrificial in learning! :P

thanks for the help guys im gonna fiddle with it for a while and see what i can get

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