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Default On tobacco

On thing that surprises and disappoints me is the common sentiment that equates tobacco with the bad tastes of cigarettes and that smoke need to have additives to be enjoyable. Hearing someone say they donít like the taste of tobacco since theyíve had plenty of cigarettes is like saying you donít wagyu steak because youíve eaten lots of spam. Tobacco smoke is exactly like wine or ale in that it has a texture or body if you will as well as a range of tastes ranging from vile to sublime. Like a good wine or ale tobacco requires care in choosing it, care in storing it and care in consuming it if one hopes to enjoy what it has to offer.

Decent tobacco can have a vast range of flavours that simply canít be had in cigarettes. Wood, spice, floral, pepper, coffee and earth tones are the most common elements found in high quality tobacco free of additives and are enough to provide cornucopia of flavours far more complicated and interesting then the normal fruit/sugar/drink flavours we all know so well.

Now I donít want anyone to get to me wrong and think that I hate fruity, light smoke since I enjoy that sort of thing from time to time but I really wish people would be a bit more broad minded when it comes seeing tobacco as flavourful in itís own right. Also, have grown to not like the texture that glycerin imparts to smoke and I am more often then not bored with fruity/sugary/drink flavoured products.

Hopefully this will get a few people willing to reach out and try something out of the ordinary and appreciate the subtleties that simple leaf can give.
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