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Default Re: How do you pack your bowl?

one technique i found which works awesomely is to pack the bowl however you want, mounded, above the rim, whatever, and then to poke big holes in it with a large needle. then i take some foil and fold it over and over till it is a 3/4 cm high, and about 12 cm long. then i wrap it around the edge of the coal and rip off excess to make a large O shape of foil. then i place that on the foil with the big holes. then i put another layer of foil over that, making it so there is a large O shape pushing up into the top layer of foil. then you put lots of really small holes in here, and place the coal on top. this gives the coal a 'podium as it were, and separates the shisha from the coal, making it near impossible to burn the shisha, and using a windcover helps to get really thick smoke. get it?
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