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Default Re: Is hookah culturlly correct in the Free World?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
it depends on where you are a lot, in the city i go to school in around campus the only people that will give you crap are the RAs and security people if you are smoking on the patio of one of the dorms, other than that the campus PD (which is a full blown pd not just renta cops) dont look twice.

back here at home idk how it would go, i smoke on my back patio here and my neighbors dont say much but i also dont think they really see well to my porch between the distance and screen and that i smoke in the evening usually.

Have you thought of starting a Hookah Club at your college? My buddy did that when I was going to a college in Los Angeles and we would smoke in public areas. The college approved it in part because they too recognized the tradition of hookah, even though all water pipes were banned from dorm rooms at that school.
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