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Default Re: Is hookah culturlly correct in the Free World?

Originally Posted by BobMarley View Post
Have you thought of starting a Hookah Club at your college? My buddy did that when I was going to a college in Los Angeles and we would smoke in public areas. The college approved it in part because they too recognized the tradition of hookah, even though all water pipes were banned from dorm rooms at that school.
no because you basically cant get into dorms after freshman year and a hookah club would just end up being too big of a hassle (we dont have a large open area except the sports fields since we are in the middle of a city), i think there would be a large amount of the stupid people that go to the lounge and piss every one off trying to get in. the only reason we got yelled at on the patio (i forgot to mention) is that no smoking is allowed there (kinda the important part, doh). honestly i have enough friends that are into hookah that we just smoke with each other if we smoke together and thats good enough. frankly i dont think a club would really work since hookah is just soo common here, a lot of people have them and there are a bunch of lounges (not many stores but the place that was local to my home is opening up another store in the city i go to school and that will be super shweeeeeet)

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