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Originally Posted by alaskanassassin View Post
first off if you're gunna use mil,k water it down substantially. Then make sure the liquid and ice go 1 inch above the bottom of the stem in the base. when packing the tobacco make sure its a couple cm below the brim of the bowl. other than that just keep playing with it till ya learn.
Erk you mean MM dude some bowls are shallow.

1. water for starters 1/2-1 inch above bottom of down stem
2. sprinkle tobacco in bowl til just under the rim 2 mm of the bowl
3. foil bowl and poke holes (I have a small bowl and use 7 holes with a toothpick 1 in middle and 6 around the outside press toothpick through tobacco to bottom of bowl)
4. QL i use Al waha 33 mm QL one off
5. always make sure that bowl vase and stem is airtight as well as hose.
6. Only start smoking once coals have totally ashed over (no more black)

Hope this helps
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