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Default Re: Is hookah culturlly correct in the Free World?

yeah sadly it has the association with some illegal drugs in my area ...

i smoke mine in my house and on rare occasion out on the porch ... but i have had to deal with the local cops a few times just while at a shop that carries some hookah stuff (needed a better pair of tongs and they were the only place to get them that i knew of) ... cop stopped me as i was coming out and was asking a lot of questions .. so i told him i was just buying tongs for my hookah ... well that brought out all the comments about drugs and water pipes (wont put the other name as it would violate the forum rules) ... and i must be a user ... etc etc etc ... i finally just got in my car and drove off ...

but it is legal to smoke them anywhere in the USA as long as it is a place that isn't classified as a 'no smoking' area ... but be prepared to prove that it is tobacco you have in there and not something else ... (in my area that can even be a hassle as some of the people who use em for other stuff buy the 'herbal' blend and mix it with their smoke to give a different smell and flavor) ...
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