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Default Re: Is hookah culturlly correct in the Free World?

Originally Posted by Gadfly View Post
I have the same issue since my local shop has a few hookah items but mostly other crap. The last time I went in there, there were a bunch of 18ish year old kids being idiots (i don't think I need to go into detail) and I /facepalmed walked out without even buying what I needed to buy, after hearing them order 3grams of shisha.(again I don't think i need to elobrate.) I just ended up ordering it online and I'll continue to make that my main mode of purchasing hookah supplies. Plus the shop staff are tards they didn't even know what natural coals were and were adament about 3 kings trumping any nat coal.
yeah that sounds about like this shop ... i haven't set foot in there since my experience ...

luckally a shop that is near the college in town (owned by a middle eastern man) has started to carry some more stuff .. (mostly HookahHookah and pharoahs tobacco) ... so i will be talking with him from time to time to put in requests for other stuff that he may consider carrying ... but i still prefer to make my purchases online with some of the nice people we have on here.
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