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Default Re: Heavy Duty = Heavy Strength??

The foil is about heating up the shisha but not burning it and different strengths of foil can affect heat managment you might get too much heat from less foil thus burning the shisha or over heating it causing harsh smoke. Too much foil and you'll need more coals to get the bowl going or it'll take forever to heat up.

For instance when I smoke Starbuzz I'll use 1 layer of foil with 1.5 coals on a small Mya bowl, because the bowl is smaller and will heat up quicker plus Starbuzz can be a real wet shisha therfore I feel I can deal with a little more heat to keep to wet shisha going strong. But with my hookah-hookah Irish Creme I use two layers of foil and 1 Golden coal QL because my HH is a little on the dryer side thus I can burn it easier.

I hope I could help a little my point is that different shisha might require different setups to get the most out of your session. My Mya small bowl lasts around 45 min my Tangiers small phunnel I can get 1-1.5 hours out of a session on my little baby bambino. Hookah can sometimes seem situational as to how it smokes and the session length, what I get out of one bowl someone else might have a different length. But thanks to there is such a wealth of knowledge you're bound to find your perfect setup. Trust my original noobness, when I first started smoking hookah I used to press my QL's down hard on my shisha to make sure it started "Cooking" properly...... man I've come a long way.
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