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I am glad to see this thread has gotten a little traction. I am big far of cigars and Western style pipes as well and itís great see that people in enjoy them. However, great natural tasting tobacco can be had from moassel that is easily had in the states or can be made without much work. When I get the chance Iíll put up some info about certain combos, recipes and whatnot but for now Iíll put a couple of suggestions.

In terms of traditional black moassel what is available in the states is: Salloum plain, Cleopatra plain, Zaghloul & Zaghloul light (I think). Desi Merli plain is sort of itís own thing but a lot like the black stuff I mentioned and probably the best single product on the American market. Hookah-Hookah Cavendish a great, cheap easy to get product that milder then anything else Iíve mentioned so far and very nice on itís own or blended with other stuff. Lastly Indian and Jordanian style tombac is easy to get in the states and whileís it a bit much for peoples used to thinking that what they smoke should taste like a jolly rancher it can be easily be processed into homemade moassel or combined with a few tamer, easy to get products to make a nice, mellow smoke.

Cigars and super high quality pipe tobacco are great but they also are pretty pricey. Luckily it easy to get something as rich and as complicated if different for use with are narghiles. Keep an eye out for more on these issues.
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