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Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
Hajo How are you my friend here in sunny Zuma land we do not have all those luxuries that you speak off we make do with what we can get where and when we can. Some of my best smokes was made with brown paper and BB tobacco (pure unflavored tobacco) (BB for best blend marketed for the super low income group sold in cheap plastic bags) RYO papers were non existant or to expensive. I like my Cavendish pipe tobacco and cigars when I can afford them plus my RYO when they have my tobacco in stock. Still serching for a stockist of Zag saloum and DM here in SA.
Back in my Rhodie days I was introduced to cigars and I got to smoke basically everything for cheap (even the Cuban brands and stuff from the Canary Islands) since the dad of a pal of mine from the PATU and later the light infantry owned a really nice tobacco shop/mail order operation and had more money then he knew what to do with.

In Zumaland it sounds like decent tobacco left about the same time as civilization, relative safety and reliable utilities. My guess is you'll have to mail order DM and such from the U.S. which is isn't as bad as it sounds since the prices is cheap and a couple kilos in shipping fees is worth it. I'll have some G2 up soon on making moassel with pipe tobacco which should help things out as well so keep an eye open.
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