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Default First Real Experience

OK guys, I got my hookah today and following all the intructions,videos, an tutorials from memebers of this forum I set it up.

MYA QT 2 Hose. Shisha: Al-Amir Mixed Fruit, and 3 Shishaco QuikLights. The MYA QT Rocks...It made so much smoke and the flavor of the Shisha wa really nice too. The bad part is that after 15 minutes I was feeling dizzy as hell, I also started sweating cold and my head was numb.

The Hookah worked great, excelent flavor and smoke. But the effects were not very desirable (I'm still feeling my stomach a little weird). I don't know if it was because I took a hit after another very quickly. I've smoked at my friends houses with their own crapy chinese hookahs and never felt like this. Today I was smoking alone.

I need a lot of help here. First I need to know what caused this effects and how -the next time- I don't have them again.

Second, now that I'm done should I wash my hookah? If that is the case, can I use dish soap or just water Do I have to wash the hoses as well? What about the bowl, should I wash it? cause it looks really messy..

All the help will be much apreciated.

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