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Default Re: First Real Experience

Originally Posted by pliundemix View Post
OK guys, I got my hookah today and following all the intructions,videos, an tutorials from memebers of this forum I set it up.

MYA QT 2 Hose. Shisha: Al-Amir Mixed Fruit, and 3 Shishaco QuikLights. The MYA QT Rocks...It made so much smoke and the flavor of the Shisha wa really nice too. The bad part is that after 15 minutes I was feeling dizzy as hell, I also started sweating cold and my head was numb.

The Hookah worked great, excelent flavor and smoke. But the effects were not very desirable (I'm still feeling my stomach a little weird). I don't know if it was because I took a hit after another very quickly. I've smoked at my friends houses with their own crapy chinese hookahs and never felt like this. Today I was smoking alone.

I need a lot of help here. First I need to know what caused this effects and how -the next time- I don't have them again.

Second, now that I'm done should I wash my hookah? If that is the case, can I use dish soap or just water Do I have to wash the hoses as well? What about the bowl, should I wash it? cause it looks really messy..

All the help will be much apreciated.

First thing is that all Myas are Chinese. As to your problems well for one don't use QL but some decent natural coals instead and you'll need a hot plate to start them. Next taking pulls in rapid succession is a good way to get CO poisoning which is what it sounds like what happened to you. Beyond that read the following and you'll enjoy smoking a lot more:
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