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Default Re: Vivi natural coals?

this is my review, copied from the reviews section under "finger coals".

i got 1/2 kilo free with an order on saharasmoke.

looks like 3 leaf clovers kinda,
looks like a 3 log "pyramid" if you know what i mean.
it's about 6" per finger, 1" WIDE.
you have to break these in 1/2, or 1/3.
and you need a heavy duty knife,
or a hammer and chisel to break this crap.
these things are hard as a rock.

when lighting -
absolutely terrible.
they smell like an asshole.
make sure you light these outside.
i'm not kidding, you will regret it.
it makes your eyes water.

when lit -
none at all.

taste -
i thought the smell of this shit lighting was going to
impart a horrible taste, but it was actually an enjoyable smoke.

ash -
you have to ash these about 5x more than exoticas,
and about 8x more than CH naturals.
it's a medium ash, it's not heavy,
but it doesn't float away like lemonwood charcoal "dust" ash.
pretty shitty.

lighting - took me about 7 minutes.
i used a walgreens $10- burner
with a large metal coffee can (with a few holes) on top.
it was alright because this was the amount of time it took me
to setup and pack the bowl, and clean all the shit off the table.

heat -
okay heat, exoticas put off way more though.
i had 1 1/2 of these things on a small phunnel, jesus.
these things are about an inch wide and when you
look at it it looks like 3x more coal than you should have.
it's terrible. i needed a windcover to get it all started.

OVERALL - 6/10.

i wouldn't pay for these.
i got them hella days ago and saved them for an "emergency coal supply",
because a certain vendor
(whose name is not to be mentioned because they are banned)
sent me the wrong freakin order, and i had to use these.
they smell bad, they take awhile to light,
they don't put off enough heat, you have to ash way too much,
it's too much of a hassle.
i'm glad these were free.

they didn't taste bad, and they work if i'm desperate.......
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