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Originally Posted by ZenSilk
Yeah, my shops all Chinese crap and Qt rip-offs that sell for 80 bucks, and the 28" ones sell for 160!

The sad thing is... idiots buy them.. and then come to my house to show me, and they see my Syrian, and they leave it at my house so i hav thrown away 3 Chinese hookahs cause douche-bag people just leave em! Annoying.

One, as a matter of fact, had no downstem, and the dude used it like 10 times before asking me how i get those clouds,.
Yeah Actuallly I went to this other shop before just to see what kind of hookahs they had and they had some crap that had the worst quality parts I had ever seen and they supposedly called "egyptian" but then I went to this other shop which I regularly go to and the guy is from saudi so he knows what hes talking about and refered me to this one and I love it. I mean ive been to Shisha cafe's and Ive smoked from some of my other friends who have some very nice ones as well and this one definately compares.
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