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Default Rutgers College Party Hookah Story

This is pretty epic so bear with me. 2 of my friends came home for the weekend from the marine corpse Friday night. Somehow, they already managed to find a party and put us all on the guestlist. We'll we rolled up with my MYA QT just as the festivities began. For drinks there was roofied up jungle juice, vodka, beer, and sangria from this black dude dressed up in arab clothing head scarf and everything. This guy was totally fuckin blasted and my marine friends were giving him a friendly hard time. Then we learned that under his "shoul" or w/e you call that white piece of dress clothing they wear... he had 2 backpacks of sangrias with the pull hose and everything.

So after getting totally shitfaced and dancing with these girls who just graduated out of HIGHSCHOOL.... yea I know I asked lol we decided to lite the QT with Nak melon and CH quicklights. About 3 minutes into the session 6/10 people wer were smoking with threw up all over the damn place because they got hit hard with the buzz and dizzyness. My jeans were literally covered in vomit by these people.

So there was drunken chaos going on outside. About the same time, one of my retarded friends decides to light off a black cat in the apartment and then we hear "HES GOT A GUN" and every1 rushed the hell out. CHAOS. Cops came down, but we were able to put away the hookah before anything happened. So... continuing we decide to go to RU Grill all covered in vomit because it was literally a block away and we were hungry as hell.

So they call the COPS again because we are drunk and covered in vomit and they ask us to leave.
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