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Originally Posted by kidkarl View Post
I was just scanning older posts and a few thoughts popped into my head.

1. How often do you all smoke your hookah. Is it multiple times per day or a few times per week?
depends on mood and company, sometimes daily sometimes not for weeks, but when i do smoke its always atleast 3 bowls.

2. How long can you store tobacco based Shisha assuming it is well sealed and fresh when purchased?
I've yet to have any go bad (had some mint for over a year)
3. Should it be store at room temp or in a refrigerator?
I find its best at room temp air sealed.
4. Do you see anything wrong with using those metal screens over using home made foil? I notice the holes are a bit large but I have never had any problems with ashes coming through.
I keep a few around myself in case of an alluminum foil crisis mixed with a nobody wants to drie anywhere crisis.they seem to work well fo rme, but the foil has much better heat managment.
5. To many questions for one post?
i prefer a wall of questions in one post then 600 posts ith one question each, makes it harder to read the thread.
Thanks for any input...Anytime
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