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Default Re: Pre-Cut Vs. Household

Originally Posted by Jezusaurus_Rex View Post
I understand that using regular foil every once in a while is ok, but if you're a regular shisha smoker ...Which is better for your health?...Household?..or pre cuts? (which are supposedly better).
Consider this the foil for the house is designed for covering food while cooking in an oven witch gets a mite hotter than the coal on your pipe sometimes. You then remove the foil and eat the food here you heat the foil and draw warm air over tobacco witch you filter through water. As to precuts 90 % of the time the precuts come from the same Manufacturer who supplies it in large bulk rolls to a company where they just cut and given a different name. (will mention Foil pie pans ect as well and Aliuminin cooking utensils)

Here in SA we have at most 2 large companies processing Sunflower seeds yet if you look at the diversity of brand names for sunflower oil and Margerine I was in one of the plants where they were making a certain expensive brand of margerine. they stop the packaging plant change the packaging rolls and suddenly brand x was brand y and the same margerine comming out the pipes. Now in USA how many aluminin Smelters are there and that should give you the indication of the difference in the foils.

o foil is foil just different thickneses exists
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